"I'm excited every time we step into the studio together." - Justin Caldwell, Band leader - The Downtown Band

"Lee is great at working with you to create your sound. He listens, and helps you communicate who you
are to your audience... and since he's a drummer, the song's tone and feel are right, from the beginning of the
creative process." - Jenna Paulette, Country recording artist


  1. Pre-production
    What's the plan...
    This prepares musicians for tracking, and ensures you know the general feel of the project before bulk of the recording begins. Allows time to create and refine your musical ideas. This is the stage where a rough draft is produced, in order to pre-establish the song's creative premise.
  2. Tracking
    Get it on tape...
    Once the vision is cast, assembling the right team is essential. Your cousin's friend's brother is a fantastic guitarist, but it may not be the right sound for the project. Hiring world-class musicians, scheduling studio time, booking an engineer, inspiring the best vocals, and giving direction to the entire team are the key elements of getting a project that you are proud of.
  3. Mixing / Mastering
    The final product...
    Combining the different sonic elements of the recorded music (vocals, instruments, effects etc.) into the final version that your audience will hear. This achieves a good balance of volume, while utilizing other properties such as pan positioning, effects, and so on.
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